Special Pavilion

ESG Companies Grand Showcase

Coex Food Week introduces leading ESG companies that practices for sustainable growth.
We aim to promote the broad implementation of ESG practices across the entire food industry, from production to manufacturing, distribution, and consumption.

Collaboration of small and medium-sized enterprises with large and mid-sized companies are encouraged to achieve ESG management. Our goal is to raise awareness of ESG principles and advocate for their adoption throughout the industry.

Begin Vegan

Fueled by the young generation, vegan culture has now become a part of our new lifestyle. Our platform provides a space for vegan tech companies that are gaining global attention in areas such as plant-based ingredients, organic food, and alternative foods. We aim to lead the trends in the domestic vegan market, which is still considered a blue ocean opportunity.
Through collaboration and knowledge sharing, we strive to promote sustainable and ethical practices in the vegan industry. Join us and make a positive impact on both health and the environment!

Food Week Incubating Zone

Our special zone is dedicated to showcase both established domestic / international companies that have launched innovative new products, as well as emerging companies with less than 5 years of industry experience.
This exclusive area provides a unique opportunity to discover companies and products that may not have been easily accessible before. Through this platform, you can gain insights into the future of the industry and the upcoming trends.

Inquiries about participation in Special Pavilion 02-6000-1068

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