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World FoodTech Conference

The World FoodTech Conference 2023 introduces food related technology (manufacturing, processing, packaging, automation solutions, alternative raw materials, etc.) and provides knowledge content, enabling the audience to get an insight of the global food industry’s future.

Conference Overview

Title World FoodTech Conference 2023
Dates 2023.11.22.(Wed) ~ 24(Fri), 3days
Venue Conference room in Hall D
Size 300 audiences, offline conference

Timeline of FoodTech Conference

2022 Korea FoodTech Conference November 2 (Wednesday) - 4 (Friday), 2022 Conference Theme: AI, Metaverse, ESG, K-FoodTech
2021 FoodTech Conference November 24 (Wednesday) - 25 (Thursday), 2021 Conference Theme: Vegan, ESG, Food Upcycling
KOREA FOODTECH CONFERENCE 2020 November 25 (Wednesday) - 26 (Thursday), 2020 Conference Theme: Food Robotics, Packaging
KOREA FOODTECH CONFERENCE 2019 November 21 (Thursday) - 22 (Friday), 2019 Conference Theme: Plant-Based Foods, Shared Kitchen
KOREA FOODTECH CONFERENCE 2018 November 28 (Wednesday) - 30 (Friday), 2018 Conference Theme: FoodTech Platform, Smart Farm, Blockchain
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Food Week related seminar

Organized in collaboration with food related companies and institutions, Coex Food Week proudly presents high-quality seminar sessions about various topics. These sessions cover the latest trends and future prospects in the food industry, as well as providing information on new technologies and services every year.

Featured Contents

Cold Chain Solutions, Food Safety Management, International Food Trend, etc.

Food Week related seminar 2022

Fresh Food Cold Chain Optimization Seminar
Title Fresh Food Cold Chain Optimization Seminar 2022
Date November 3, 2022 (Thursday), 13:00 - 16:00
Venue Coex 3rd Floor Seminar Room 308
Registration Fee 50,000 KRW (excluding VAT, includes study materials) / Free entry for members of the Korea Food Cold Chain Association members
Registration November 2, 2022 (Wednesday), register on the website of the Korea Food Cold Chain Association
Theme Cold Chain Logistics, Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Instrument Calibration (KOLAS), and more.
Event Name HACCP KOREA 2022
Date November 2, 2022 (Wednesday)
Venue Coex Conference Room 401
Registration Apply through the HACCP website
Theme Food Safety Management Strategies in response to Changes in the Future Food Industry

* This event will be live-streamed online.

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Fresh Food Cold Chain Optimization Seminar

Seminar overview

Title 2023 Fresh Food Cold Chain Optimization Seminar
Date November 23, 2023 (Thursday), 13:00-16:00
Venue Coex Conference Room
Registration Fee Free Registration (Includes study materials)
Registration November 22, 2023 (Wednesday) Registration can be done through the website of the Korea Cold Chain Association.
Theme Cold Chain Industry Trends and Introduction of New Technologies, among others.

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